XCTest First Impressions

One of the big improvements in Xcode 5 is unit testing. Woohoo!!!

  • A Test Navigator has been added.
  • The Assistant Editor provides new test categories that place code and tests side by side.

SenTestingKit has been replaced with XCTest. This appears to be essentially just a renaming of SenTestingKit to XCTest, with assertions renamed from ST* to XCT*. For example, STAssertTrue is now XCTAssertTrue.

Also, the previous concept of “Logic” and “Application” tests is gone. By default, all tests are now “application tests”.

The Xcode 5 templates also do not provide an option to “Include unit tests”. Unit tests are always included. And there is an option in Xcode 5 to convert existing OCUnit (SenTesting) projects to use XCTest, making it easy to make the change.

I guess unit testing is finally a first class citizen in iOS development now.

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