Here are some links that I consider worth checking out. Things move fast in the iOS world, so I recommend doing regular Google searching to try to keep up.

Websites I Reference Frequently

  • Expecta
    This is my current favorite unit testing matcher framework. It allows assertions to be much more readable, even better than OCHamcrest. It has built-in asynchronous support. It runs on top of XCTest or OCUnit, requiring little setup, and making tests easy to run.
  • OCMockito
    This is my current favorite mock object framework. It currently does not supportĀ spy orĀ partial mocks.
  • Kiwi
    This used to be my new favorite unit testing framework. It uses BDD style specifications that allow tests to be more organized and hence more readable. It has built-in mock support. It runs on top of OCUnit, requiring little setup, and making tests easy to run.
  • KIF
    This is a UI Automation framework that allows writing tests in Objective-C. While not really a unit testing framework, I’m currently exploring where it fits into the total testing strategy.

Other Recommended Websites

  • Apple’s OCUnit Unit Testing page
    This is the official Xcode unit testing documentation. OCUnit (aka SenTestingKit) is built into Xcode, so this is the easiest to setup.
  • OCMock
    This is a mock object framework. It supports most varieties of mocks including partial and nice mocks.
  • OCHamcrest
    This is a set of unit testing matchers that improve upon the verify statements provided by OCUnit or XCTest.
  • GHUnit
    This is an open source, 3rd party unit testing framework. It has native support for asynchronous tests. Tests run in a separate target, and can be run in the simulator or on a device. It can run OCUnit tests, providing the ability to work in conjunction with OCUnit. I use it to perform API (integration) tests.

Websites I Want To Explore Further

Here are some links that I’ve come across that look interesting and I want to go back and explore further:

  • OHHTTPStubs
    This is a framework for stubbing HTTP requests.
  • Specta
    This is another unit testing framework using RSpec style specifications.

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