How is everybody liking XCTest?

Ok, Xcode 5 and XCTest have been out for awhile now. What has been your experience with it?

I’ve used it for some simple projects, doing TDD with it. I’ll have more to say about that in the near future. But I have to say that I really like the tighter integration of unit testing into Xcode.

One of my favorite things is the speed at which I can perform the TDD loop. This has been boosted by a couple things: the test classes assistant, and the ability now to rerun a single test by clicking on the symbol next to the line number (red “x” for a failing test, green checkmark for a passing test).

In the screen capture below, I’m using the test classes assistant to display the associated unit test case file on the right. I’ve just run tests, and the test at line 37 on the right failed, and is highlighted. Note that the other tests have a green checkmark next to them.

Although you can’t tell from this screen capture, I’m hovering the mouse over the red checkmark left of the line number at line 37, which has caused the checkmark to switch to a right arrow. Clicking on this reruns just that test. How cool is that!

Xcode test assistant
XCTest example of failing test

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